Start-up advice

Helping you to achieve your aspirations

Helping you to achieve your aspirations

There’s a little bit of the entrepreneur in all of us; but only a few of us have got the real drive and ambition to turn our aspirations into reality. 2015 saw the number of start-ups in the UK increase by 4.6%, the highest number of incorporations on record. So why start a business? Of course it gives you the opportunity to ‘sack’ the boss but in its place you have to implement your own plans and live by your own decisions.

The one good thing is, if you’ve done your research properly and you’ve found a niche in the market, you can choose the business that you want to be in, or, even better turn your hobby into an enterprise.

If this resonates with you, try asking yourself a few timely questions:

  • How do I go about setting up the company?
  • How do I go about checking if my ideal company name is available?
  • What about funding – can I apply for a loan?
  • Is what I’m planning on doing a scalable business?
  • Will I need staff?
  • If so, what sort of staff?
  • Where would I find them?
  • Have I got enough cash in my business to support my growth?

Working with start-ups for a number of years, ASA have helped dozens of start-ups and pre start-ups get off the starting blocks. So if you’re thinking of setting up your new business venture but are not sure where to start, why not let us help you with an objective and realistic assessment of your business ideas followed by a road map of what to do next along with those all-important ‘first steps’.

Here to support you with all those early questions from “how do I know if this is really going to work?” to “I can’t cope with the work load … what do I do next?” we can help with everything from company formation and getting the numbers right through to developing a credible business plan and a supporting sales and marketing strategy that will deliver results.

And once you’re up and running we’ll stick with you to help you grow your business, holding your hand every step of the way as your business goes from strength to strength.

Starting your own business isn’t for everyone but if you see yourself running your own business, let your success start by contacting us.

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