Individual Mentoring and Coaching

Delivering improved individual, team and business performance

Delivering Enhanced Performance

Development techniques using one-to-one discussions to enhance skills, knowledge and work performance, coaching and mentoring focuses on specific skills and goals.

Questioning, listening and clarifying, ASA have a wealth of coaching and mentoring experience and over the years have been successful in helping both individuals and teams to achieve their full potential. Our experience extends across all business sectors from entrepreneurs and start-ups through to supervisory/management and on to business owners and executive teams.

Businesses of all sizes are facing challenges that cannot be ignored. Changes in local, regional and global economics, trading patterns, financial instability, political disturbance and natural disasters, it all creates a feeling of uncertainty that will have an impact on both you and your business.

Coaching and Mentoring to maximise your potential and that of your team is not only important it is an essential tool when driving an improved business performance. Managed effectively in conjunction with a combined strategic and tactical plan, will deliver the best possible return enabling you to tackle the challenges of business growth and sustainable profits.


Individual Development Through Coaching

Our one-to-one coaching programme aims to give individuals control over their own learning process and has been designed to work with people to identify and clarify their goals. Realising their capabilities and raising their self-awareness, we offer support as they ring the changes, helping them to become the people that they want to be.

Working with Teams

The way that people communicate with each other and how they react with their colleagues are all relevant to effective team performance. Experienced in working with teams we help to build long-lasting, effective relationships, with the team ultimately working together with a clear focus on the needs of the business.



Why does business coaching of individuals and teams improve performance?

  • Increases productivity
  • Improves communication
  • Increases staff loyalty
  • Helps Team Leaders to develop improved interpersonal skills
  • Helps Senior Management to think and plan more strategically
  • Develops an ethos of trust
  • Increases individual personal responsibility

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