Growth Consultancy

Business change is inevitable: either it's forced upon you or you can manage the change to suit you

Passionate about helping businesses succeed:

Business Diagnostics:

  • Analysing your business for its strengths and weaknesses

Creating a strategy and plan

  • Developing a new sales and marketing plan

Seeking new business:

  • New markets
  • Innovation in business

Managing growth

  • Maximising business output and profitability
  • How growth can kill your business

Analysing business outcomes

  • Lean business systems and processes

Managing the business effectively

  • Understanding how the business performs
  • Business process flows
  • The supply chain
  • Sales cost structures and maximising profitability
  • Financial management systems

Export Options

  • Opening up European and Global markets

Operational improvements and restructuring:

  • Are you doing it in the quickest, cheapest and most efficient way?

Global economics, trading patterns, financial instability, political disturbance, natural disasters. The reality is that one or more of these factors will affect your business either today or in the future. These global uncertainties are a risk to so many businesses regardless of the nature of the business or indeed the size of the organisation. To remain in survival mode is not a long term solution! Year on year growth should be targeted at a minimum of 20%. Creating sustainable business growth, developing a detailed strategic and tactical plan that will identify what you actually have to do will ensure that you stay one step ahead and realise your targeted growth plan.

A meaningful business strategy is probably the most important process for any business, large or small. When developed correctly it will capture every aspect of the business:

  • Present position and performance
  • Possibilities for growth
  • Sales & marketing needs
  • Innovation and investment
  • People, structure and management systems
  • Financial management and business systems

Accompanied by a tactical plan that identifies the needs, impacts and actions necessary to achieve the business goals, you will be able to clearly identify the key steps to be taken as well as the milestones, resources, targets, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and obstacles that you may well face. ASA are experts in developing meaningful strategic and tactical models that can become the driver for growth, improved performance and sustainable profits. Attached to the business model, the strategy will become an integral part of the day to day drive for the business, with executives, senior managers and key stakeholders having a key role in its creation, delivery and performance.

By engaging with shareholders, directors and senior management teams we ensure that everyone understands and has alignment with the goals and objectives of the business. Framing your strategic objectives is something that must be done carefully at the outset for your strategy review to be truly effective.

We will also guide you through a comprehensive discovery process to reveal not only the current positioning of your business but its future aspirations in relation to:

  • The Identification of clear, agreed targets for 2, 3 and 5 plus years
  • Current and future market growth opportunities (trends and global market opportunities)
  • The impact of introducing innovation into all areas of the business, creating an entrepreneurial culture
  • Sales and marketing (current and future needs)
  • Maximising the performance of your people
  • Developing more efficient systems creating time to manage growth

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